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Katti Batti Plot

The movie narrates the story of Maddy (Imran Khan), a regular guy who falls for Payal (Kangana Ranaut), a rich, carefree girl with no ambition in life. Maddy is a nerdy boy next door while Payal is a notorious brat who casually changes boyfriends. It is a non-sequential presentation, where the first half is the depiction of how Maddy suffers from his breakup with Payal after a five year long live-in relationship. He experiences a bad phase in which there is nothing right happening for him and all he can do is, go into flashbacks and remember the time when he and Payal were together. His friends and family try their best to bring him out of the depression, but Maddy just doesn't want to get over Payal, as deep down he believes that the girl of his life still loves him. Maddy goes crazy when one day he learns about Payal, through a common friend that she is getting married to her ex-lover Rickky. The madly in love - Maddy obviously cannot let her go like this and hence decides to confront her. Will Payal and Maddy reunite states the further part of the movie.


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