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Khap Plot

This film is an up to date story of traditional butchery erupting in the heartland of central India where some villages yet follow unkind age old traditions. This is where a story of obsession, disgrace and deception opens out; where the sweet blamelessness of youth is throttled by inflexible convictions. The motion picture opens in the capital where 2 youngsters Ria and Kush start loving each other. Meanwhile, news channels emphasize the death of Veer and Sureeli who are discovered dead in the village of Omkar Chaudhary. Ria was not knowing that Omkar was her grandfather. Madhur who was the father of Ria, had left his inhabitant village due to dissimilarities with Omkar over the cruel pratha (tradition) of honour killings. Madhur is selected to lead an assignment to look into the doubtful deaths of young Veer & Sureeli. The father of Veer is Daulat Singh who stops follower of this pratha and is insensitive towards the death of his son. However, Sukhiram who is the father of Sureeli, is broken by the death of his daughter. Wuld Sukhiram become weak and disclose all to the Human Rights commission? Torn between his love for his son and his strong faith in the pratha, Omkar makes a promise to Madhur that he will put an ending to the cruel murders in that village. Ria and Kush are also dragged into the whirlpool of these cruel traditions. How would the patriarchs of the pratha act in response to these activities? Would Omkar Chaudhary transform for the sake of his granddaughter? These are some issues that the film tries to raise. Are the viewers brave enough to face the bitter truth?


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