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Khauff Plot

Sanjay Dutt who is riding high on the success of "Vaastav' is said to be in a character with negative shades. And Manisha Koirala in need of a hit after the dismal "Mann'. "Khauff' is a thriller inspired by the Hollywood film "Juror' featuring Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin with elements of Peter Weir's "Witness". Manisha is an air hostess who witnesses the murder of a senior police officer. The killer is the son of a powerful mafia don running for political office. Manisha's testimony is a threat to powerful interests. Their need to silence her brings Sanjay Dutt into the scene .The plot thickens as it is revealed that he has actually been hired to kill her. Sanjay falling in love with Manisha gives an emotional edge to the film.Sanjay tries to protect Manisha, at the same time preventing her from testifying. Manisha against all odds brings the guilty to justice, avenging the murder of her dear friend, rape of her little sister and the killing of a conscientious police officer.


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