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Khichdi - The Movie Plot

Khichdi is the story of a mad family namely, the Parekh family as viewed by the only two wise people in the entire family i.e. Jacky and Chakki (who are two little kids!) The characters of the family being Babuji – the head of the family, Praful - his son, Hansa – Praful's wife and Himanshu – Hansa's brother. Strangely, (well not that strange with this family) it seems that Himanshu secretly nurtures an ambition. The ambition to have the most memorable, famous and legendary love story! Well, the ambition would have been fine only if he was either already in love with someone or if he was capable enough to have a sensible girl smitten by him which is Impossible.
But as per Babuji's experience- for every idiotic Praful there is an equally idiotic or in fact even more idiotic Hansa made. And this statement proves itself when the much awaited love story of Himanshu begins with Parminder, his neighbor, who falls in love with him with no apparent or reasonable factor. They then get engaged and intend getting married soon. 
Seems 'plain' and that's what strikes Himanshu on the day prior to his wedding. He suddenly realizes that with this wedding his dream of that famous and legendary love story would actually meet its end without coming true. He feels that his love story was simple – no tragedy, no drama, no fights, no arguments, no separation, no songs not even sad songs, leave alone the climax. Oh how tragic! He tells his family this. And the insane family set out to stop the wedding. And there begins the attempts of making legendary romance come true.
The consequence of each and every event leads to building up those memories for the most memorable love story for Himanshu. The entire turn of events is packed with so much fun that it leaves the audience in splits with laughter. And finally Himanshu manages to win the heart of his love all over again in the climax.


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