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Kis Hudh Tak Plot

Rape is a Crime If you can prove it otherwise it ends up being consent. 'Kis Hudh Tak…' is a film about Justice and how far a human being will go to get it. It is about love, caring and commitment. It is about anger at the state of our society. It is about the state of our judicial system. And most of all it is about the fact that if you want something bad enough – it is not money or power that helps you to get it – what you really need is intelligence, determination, patience and focus. But above all – you need the strength of conviction to sacrifice, if necessary, that very thing that you hold dearest to your heart. For in the extent of your sacrifice lies the extent of your conviction.

Rape in itself is a terrible act but Date rape is gruesome because it is perpetrated by the very person that one trusts. More than the physical pain the shock and trauma lies in the breaking of that trust. That is the ultimate rape.

In most cases the victim absorbs the shock and pain in silence afraid of the reaction of society in general and the family in particular who end up blaming the victim for getting herself into this situation. Some girls take their own life because they just cannot come to terms with the situation and sometimes, though rarely, comes along a person who stands up to the situation, faces it head on, confronts the man and society and the legal system with the single minded focus of punishing the man for this heinous crime. This is a story of one such woman – Dia.

Though this subject lends itself to the genre of a family drama it's treated differently – more like a thriller in terms of pace and storytelling style with a twist at the end, so shocking that it will stay with the audience long after they have left the theatre. All this without forgetting the fact that this film is intended mainly for the Indian audience. And though the form is novel it is one that we believe the 'Indian audience' can relate to. Because there is no doubt that our audience, wherever they may be in the world, are unique. They have a distinct taste in cinema and have grown up watching films in what is now popularly known as 'Bollywood style cinema' where song and dance are an integral part of the narrative. And though our subject is adult and controversial in content the treatment is clean with no vulgarity. It's a film with a very definite message. A film for all.


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