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Knock Out Plot

It is a fast paced thriller based on real time. It showcases two hours – 11am to 1pm of a fine guardian who wins against an unstoppable foe and pens a new chapter in Indian history.
Sanjay Dutt enacts the role of a lone ranger/ protector who trust no one but himself. He works alone and uses his skills and wit without much effort to combat hand to hand. He depends solely on himself and the latest gadgets and weapons available at his fingertips. As he works alone he is passionate about secret technology and love to manipulate his target into his trap.
His target, an investment banker played by Irrfan Khan who made it to the top of power. He has the key to India's fate. He is a man who is extremely self obsessed and clever. Our guardian bares him of his arrogance and attitude with a brilliant plan of truth and pretense. He confuses him and locks him in a tangle that can be opened in only one way that is through the biggest fight in the history of India.
A television Journalist, played by Kangana Ranaut, is the one who follows the trail of these two men. She is pretty determined and thinks that nothing will stop her, until, she faces the call of conscience where she has to make a choice between her life and another man's, where she has to make a choice between herself and the country. Each time she proves herself showing that today's India has its soul intact and heart in place.
The climax is packed with a whole lot of action where the whole country watches the entire event unfolding in front of their eyes via their television screens which wakes them up from their deep slumber after years of enduring with the political thieves. This finally wakes them up.
Our fine guardian not only fights but also wins an almost impossible battle leaving the entire nation in a huge wave of happiness. The battle created memories not only on the Mumbai's streets but also etched it in the mind of the whole nation. Our lone ranger walks away in the midst of the celebration with no one knowing his identity… to come again… as India wakes to a new start.


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