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Krantiveer - the revolution Plot

The juvenile daughter of the gentleman in charge for the previous revolt Pratap Narayan Tilak is now exercising the authority of media as a courageous press officer. Roshni has gained not only the bravery and sting of her renowned father but furthermore has gained the determined speech and the unconquerable manner. The previous time approximately, we embedded away the devils that arrived from across the oceans. Now, the evil spirits are inside. And they are further inhuman and immoral. We require to battle them with a fresh power and vigor- The youth! They are now prepared to operate only to discontinue, when they have attained their task to relieve the society of evils, dishonesty, disorder & violence. Roshni takes action as a pivot of the uprising and gets along her strong-minded college friends Vishal, Uday and Goldie. The story takes all of them on a task to clear the current world of the devils, a revolt for clearing out the system. Would this revolt quiver the country into searching its ethics and see harmony, independence and fairness for all?
This is the story of Krantiveer.


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