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Kuchh Kariye Plot

Kuchh Kariye is the story of a musician Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh) who is a simple man and has fallen in love with a girl Alpna (Shriya). His city people force him to leave his city which makes him to move to Mumbai. In Mumbai he meets two other boys named Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar) and Shani (Rufy Khan). He comes to know that they too had come to Mumbai to get success in their fields.
Within a few days they feel that all of them shared the same obsession for movies. They not only want to work for movies but also want to give some moral lessons to the society so that society could improve.  Their thoughts are good and they understand that if people are able to rise above their selfish needs, there would be great change in the society.

With great zeal and enthusiasm they start their work on making the movie. In this process they come across Roza (Khuahhish) and Pappu Halva (Mustaque Khan) who support in their plans.

But destiny had planned different thing for them. There is fright and defeat. Rishi overcomes with sorrow and disenchantment. Would he select the correct path?

Kuchh Kariye deals with the existing socio political circumstances.

It's a social movie dealing with definite present-day and appropriate issues. It's expedition of a man meeting his fortune and coming to provisions with his personal self.

Would Rishi and his associates manage to attain their aim? Would Rishi be capable to convert the thinking of law and outlaws? Does disenchant wait for Rishi at the last part of the expedition? It can be seen in the film Kuchh Kariye!


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