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Kurbaan Plot

Basically the story revolves around a teacher in University of Delhi named Avantika, played by Kareena. She has come back from New York to attend her ailing father. Here she meets a temporary teacher Ehsaan Khan, played by Saif Ali Khan. Then they start liking each other and love blossoms. After a few months Avantika gets a call from New York University to come back for fall semester. Avantika discusses this with Ehsaan he says he will accompany her to states to find a job but they need to get married before that. Soon after their marriage they leave for New York and start setting their new life and their new home. This is the time when they are invited on dinner by their conservative muslim neighbours, Hamid and Anjum. The next morning, Salma visits Avantika at her place in pretext of gifting her sweets. Salma is the women whom Avantika met at the dinner the night before. Salma tells her that she is in a bad danger. And now everything changes for Avantika, nothing is the same as before. Series of incidents takes place. Her life becomes out of control, she realizes that she is used as a toy in the game and no one in that world can be trusted.


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