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Kya Dilli Kya Lahore Plot

In the year 1948, Pakistani soldier Rehmat Ali (Vijay Raaz) is sent across the Indian border by his captain, to fetch a top secret file that says that India has built a tunnel from Delhi to Lahore to invade Pakistan. He comes across an Indian post, where he combats an Indian army cook Samarth (Manu Rishi) who defends the post with great rigor and aggression. He too, like Rehmat Ali is a post partition migrant and hails from West Punjab.

As the night gives way to the day, both get exhausted and finally the man to man duel slows down to an end. They reconcile and talk about their experiences after the partition, their pain of leaving their native lands, their loss and how their lives changed because of the partition.

However, things change when an Indian army soldier Barfi Singh (Raj Zutshi) comes into the scene. He looks down on Samarth as a traitor for sympathizing with the Pakistani soldier and is full of hatred for Rehmat Ali.

Later on, when tables turn and Barfi Singh is away, the Pakistani captain (Vishwajeet Pradhan) makes his way to the Indian post all bloodied and wounded where he confronts Rehmat Ali for not stealing the file.


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