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Kya Yahi Sach Hai Plot

Raghu Kumar has been selected as a young trainee officer in Indian Police Service (IPS). During the period of the training of Raghu Kumar, he is given the teachings of cycle patrolling in the streets and the roads when the chief constable, who gives him training, comes out with definite surprising revelations. This chief constable accepts an honest declaration of guilt about his, for the most part, corrupt activities in the detection branch of Kotwali Police Station and how one event had brought a major change his life, and the incident which had made him to leave the way of corruption and follow the path of honesty. Due to his confession, Raghu Kumar along with his wife, are overwhelmed in emotions, and they make up their mind that they will not take bribes in the police as that would be an unpardonable sin - A Carnage by Angels! But when circumstances change and Raghu Kumar has to go to the district police in Kolhapur and from there when he is transferred to Mumbai police, he begins to confront the actual facts and bitter truth of being in this profession. What he sees is an intense nexus of bureaucrats, police, politicians and power-brokers who were all buried by the sparkling shutter of "Rule of Law" and administrative cleverness. As this heart touching story goes on unfolding, what come out in the film is a graphic unfolding of conspiracy, treachery, sex, love and money in the world of glamour, powerbrokers, police, politicians, citizens, bureaucracy, doctors, corporate bodes and media.


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