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Lamhaa Plot

A nasty plan is being originating in Kashmir, the Valley of Flowers. It is making a lot of wealth that has established its means to all the big boys, from political people to the intellectual groups.

Vikram (played by Sanjay Dutt) is from the Military Intelligence who takes on the assumed name of Gul Jehangir to uncover the conspiracy. An explosion nearly kills Haji (played by Anupam Kher) who is a leader of the separatist. No one knows whether it is just an additional explosion or is it one way or another connected to the plot?

Vikram (Sanjay Dutt), with the help of Aziza (played by Bipasha Basu), determines to uncover what was going on and it is an uneven and perilous journey.

Could Sanjay Dutt & Bipasa Basu fight with the politicians, armed forces, and the freedom fighters, to allow the Valley feel some harmony? Or is it too delayed? Answers can be found in the film Lamha.


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