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Little Zizou
Little Zizou

Little Zizou

13 Mar, 2009


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This comedy movie is about an 11-year old soccer-lover Parsi boy named Zizou, who eagerly wishes his idol Zinedine Zidane to visit Mumbai. The movie also shows how two squabbling families in Mumbai come to terms.


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Plot & Review

"Little Zizou", a comedy about faith and hope, pain and loss, is framed around a gentle yet powerful parable of tolerance. Set in contemporary Bombay, for a global audience, ... full Plot

Little Zizou Movie Review


By Friday Release Team - Nov 30, -0001 05:53 AM

Critics Rating :

Sooni Taraporevala's Little Zizou is one of those really charming little stories. The story revolves around the Parsi community and begins with Art's take of Russians invading their street. There are quite a few scenes that are touching and tickle your funny bone, like when Xerxes explains to Liana that her mother feels sorry for him and does not love him, Roxy pleading with her mother to sell their hotel and when Boman thinks Zenobia is dating Art. The protagonist is a little boy Xerxes (Jahan Bativala) whose father Cyrus the Second Khodaji (Sohrab Ardeshir) is a 'bogus humbug' and a spiritual healer who starts a Parsi Liberation movement that annoys their neighbour Boman...


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