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Login Plot

Login ('Connected Online But Disconnected in Life') is a desolate reality control on the unexplored influences of the online medium on an individual in true sense. This movie passes through the journey of several individuals; it also shows how the modern technologies such as internet and social networking sites affect the lives of different individuals and alter their lives forever. Its caption - 'Connected online but disconnected in life', truly justifies its sayings!

This movie also shows in what manner the control of everyone being glued to the technology, is bit by bit fragmenting them away from their true selves.

Jai is a young guy who is office goer. He finds a girl-friend by using online dating sites. Vandana is a housewife. She spends her leisure time chatting on social networking sites. Debu is a person who works in a call centre. He uses the internet to earn money.

How the usage of internet has influenced the lives of all these characters forms the heart of the film's story.


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