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London, Paris, New York Plot

London Paris New York is a movie which captures the torment of the twenties, which is considered as the most dramatic period of a person's life - when you have to look for a career, then you have your 1st noteworthy relationship and most prominently which structures your identity on this planet. This film is the story of a South Indian girl whose name is Lalitha and who is from a middle class family and who presently lives in Chembur, which is in the eastern suburb of Mumbai. She is on her way to New York for her education in politics with full scholarship. On other hand, another person named Nikhil is the son of a rich man who is a Punjabi and who too is going to study Film Making in London but not on the basis of scholarship but totally on his father's money. He is from Bandra, Mumbai.
They plan to go around together one evening in London and come to know that they were totally attracted to each other even as their future lies on different continents.
The motion picture follows their individual journey and their love story as they happen to meet in London, Paris and New York for a night each over 8 years which also justifies the title LONDON PARIS NEW YORK. This motion picture is in 3 chapters and each chapter is shot in a way that reflects the mental state of both - Lalitha and Nikhil.


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