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Love Express Plot

Love Express is a film of romance and fun which traces the trip of two similar love stories in a train filled with Baraatis from Amritsar to the capital of Maharashtra-Mumbai. A youthful pair on the way to their personal wedding desires to end up their relationship, whereas the second couple desires to join relationship up after a five-year-old break-up.

The first couple plans to end their marriage because it was an arranged wedding – which was done by their mother-father who had been friends for many years.
But they are absolutely not agreeable to an arranged wedding and they want to discover their own life partner. So they make a plan and they get even success to some extent but at a profound price to their families. Is it extremely late for them to construct compensation?

A chain of circumstances with many twists and turns taking place during this comical and funny and eventful expedition on Love Express - a joyride throughout a Punjabi wedding ceremony on wheels that would cause you to smile and laugh and which would also touch your heart.


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