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Love Ka Tadka Plot

Love Ka Tadka brings to the screen some romance, moolah trouble and non-veg – the kind you eat. Aditya (Sammir Dattani) comes from a middle class family and meets Sheetal (Nauheed Cyrusi). After some confusion, they fall in love and get married. Sheetal finds out that her brand new hubby is not as well off as he pretended to be. The couple save enough money to buy an apartment but find out that they don't have sufficient funds. They enter a deal with the owner. They've got to pay the entire sum within a year or forfeit the apartment and the money they have already paid. As if this deadline was not bad enough, they live in a community full of strict vegetarians. Sheetal's father who is a strict non vegetarian decides to come and live with them. Do they get to keep their dream house and will they manage to keep their love for non vegetarian food a secret from their neighbours?


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