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Love Lies and Seeta Plot

Love Lies and Seeta is a feature film of new-age romantic comedy which has been set in New York Summer. This Indian American independent motion picture is about 'falling for a girl who does not believe in love', intermingling friendships which pass traditional boundaries of traditions. This film follows the lives of 3 persons who are gentlemen such as "Rahul," "Tom", and "Bhavuk", and these three people have all separately met the gorgeous "Seeta" at diverse stages in their lives. As the friendship of the 3 people grows, an opportunity encounters with Seeta which makes them realize that all of them had fallen in love with the same lady. Thereafter all of them reach-out to their friends outside the group so that they could cope with falling in love with Seeta. In this way the love triangle surrounds the characters and their friends. Thus you see that the backdrop of the city depicts a New York summer which makes its urban-natural beauty a significant supporting character.


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