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Love Possible Plot

Srishti Shetty is girl who is unemployed. She hails from Mangalore. She arrives to the dream of cities - Mumbai and stays with her cousin whose name is Priya. Priya is a girl who is employed as personal Secretary for the past 2 years. She thinks or she believes that only that lady is an efficient lady secretary who gets married to her boss as early as possible. Therefore she has targeted to get married to her boss at the earliest. However, Srishti does not take interest in the theory of Priya but Priya advices Srishti to become a secretary. Somehow Srishti tries to become skilled at & understand the secretary ship and its liability from Priya.

Thereafter Shristi makes up her mind to become a personal secretary.

Gaurav Jaitly is a business man who is young. He is also managing a family business. His daddy is Rajender Jaitly who had died a few years back & his mother died lately. Gaurav Jaitly was compelled to look after the business at a young age, when he is enjoying his youth.

Basically Gaurav is the boy of mamma. He is interested in indulging himself into enjoyment along with Vinay Patel who is his best friend. They listen to music and dance. Vinay takes unnecessary advantage of the innocence of Gaurav. Every time Vinay visits Gaurav he takes some monetary aid from Gaurav.

Vinay uses the office of Gaurav for his enjoyment and they do not want to get disturbed. Hence Vinay suggests Gaurav to appoint a Personal Secretary. Gaurav likes his idea and consequently Srishti gets a job as a Personal secretary of Mr. Gaurav.

Srishti in due course discovers the fact that Vinay was taking unnecessary advantage of the innocence of Gaurav. Hence Shrishti tries to make the most of Vinay and disclose his reality to Gaurav.

Priya is trying her level best to persuade Srishti to follow her plan of getting married to her boss. Srishti some how gets convinced by Priya's opinion and tries to follow her footsteps to some extent.

Thereafter Gaurav falls in love with Srishti and he wants to get married to her. Meanwhile for a few reasons Priya gives resignation from her job. Vinay is also interested in appointing a personal secretary. Since Priya was unemployed & qualified she gets the job. Meanwhile Vinay also discovers the fact about Shrishti that what was her intentions behind and why Srishti and Priya had tried as to become their secretaries. Would Vinay tell Gaurav of Srishti and Priya's objective?

Would Gaurav throw Srishti out from his life? This is what shows you in LOVE POSSIBLE.


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