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Love Recipe Plot

Love Recipe, as the title gives you a suggestion, is a fun-filled movie. Its story is about a D.J. whose name is Rahul Kher. He is in love with Tia who is a lively girl. She happens to be the daughter of retired Inspector General of police Pratap Singh who, after retirement, has all of a sudden, decided to become Hindustani in every sense of the word. All of a sudden, he has shifted from his starched uniform to customary kurta pyjamas and he does not like the use of English words while talking. So D.J Rahul Kher doesn't fit into this profile. In this way you see that the motion picture is fun filled as Rahul's attempt to persuade the father of Tia so that he could approve their relationship. This film also tells how he becomes the Real Hindustani in the eyes of her dad. All ends well and Pratap Singh finally agrees that after all Hindustaniyat is not about clothes and language only. It is the heart which needs to be Hindustani.

At the same time Carlos, who is an international terrorist, is being briefed by Music Ali, a grotesque terrorist leader who is immersed in old Hindi film songs. Their plan is to make an explosion in a peace conference happening in Mumbai 10 days from now. So he sets out on his duty giving rise to next amusing track.

In a strange occurrence, Carlos en route his mission gets his head severed. Thereafter his severed head in some way manages to end up in the custody of Rahul. Now to get rid of the head becomes the major worry out of which several comical situations occur as Tia and Rahul are still ignorant of the fact that the head is of the international terrorist Carlos on which such a huge reward was announced.

But fate gives a chance to Rahul to prove his patriotic passion to his prospective father-in-law when an announcement is telecast in news that the severed head which was missing belongs to none other than Carlos Randall. Circumstances lead to an exciting climax and thus Rahul is made responsible for causing the arrest of the dreaded terrorist Music Ali Pratap Singh can get no bigger a hero than Rahul for his son-in-law and everything ends on a happy note.


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