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Lucknow Central Plot

Kishen (Farhan Akhtar) has only one dream in his eyes - he wants to set up his own band and impress the world with his tunes and songs. These are really big dreams for a man born and brought up in the small town of Moradabad. On an eventful evening, when he is coming back after attending the concert of his favourite singer, something unexpected happens which changes the course of his life forever. He is accused of murdering the district magistrate and thrown behind the bar without a fair trial. While waiting for the never approaching day when he will be free, Kishen comes to know about an upcoming inter-jail music competition being organized. The state chief minister orders all jailors to ensure that all talented prisoners who can sing participate in the competition to be held on Independence Day. Kishen makes a plan in his mind. On the pretext of participating in the competition, he wants to escape from the jail. In his secret mission, his jail inmates help him.


Box Office Collection

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