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Mai Plot

'Mai' is a unique story of an old woman who is deserted by her children as she is suffering from a dreadful condition ,the Alzheimer's disease. As her children indirectly refuse to take her responsibility she is desolated. Her only hope is her son. But as soon as he gets an opportunity to work in a foreign country , he gets separated from his mother and gets himself landed at his job place. Her 2 younger daughters also shed their responsibility. But her eldest daughter Madhu, a woman of courage and determination takes her old suffering mother's responsibility against the will of her own family.

The film continues in the journey of an alzheimic mother's stay with her daughter against all odds. It highlights the old good and bad memories of Mai when she switches in and out from her present. As the film progresses Mai's condition worsens and she starts living her past life in her present.

The film shows Madhu's struggle against her family, balancing herself into her personal family life, her work and the responsibility her ill mother. She gets the maximum support of her colleagues at work but eventually Mai's worsening condition forces her to quit her job. The film also highlights the miraculous change in the relationship between Mai and her son in law Subhash . This change in the relationship transforms Subhash's life forever.


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