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Marigold Plot

Marigold Lexton- American actress who visits India to act in a film but somehow gets stuck in India.

Prem- Film choreographer who is also a prince of a kingdom in Rajasthan.

Jaanvi- Prem's Fiance

Barry- Marigold's boyfriend

Marigold (Ali Larter) & Prem (Salman Khan) meet on film set where Marigold has been dropped after loosing a film she was being a part of. Its then when they bump into each other, while the star of another film offers her a small role in the film. Getting along well together Marigold gets to know that Prem is a prince of a kingdom in Rajasthan but has not visited his home from past 3 years after he estranged from his father. One fine day Prem receives a call from his sister inviting him home to attend her wedding. Prem asks Marigold to come along with him to Rajasthan to attend his sister's wedding as there has been a gap in the film schedule. As bonding gets better they start feeling for each other. During this visit to Rajasthan Marigold gets to know that Prem is already engaged to a girl named Jaanvi (Nandana Sen). Got to know about this, Marigold feels to be betrayed by Prem. Sorrowful Prem lands up in a bar to get rid of his worries, this is where he bumps in to Barry (Ian Bohen), who is in India to search his estranged girlfriend Marigold. Prem takes him to his place where Barry passes out. In the morning Marigold decides to leave with Barry to America. Prem too agrees to marry his fiance as this took his fathers prestige at steak. After taking seven rounds of the holy fire Prem gets to know that the girl behind the veil is Marigold & in the meanwhile Jaanvi gets married to Barry. This ends up the film with a full fledged song & dance along with a happy ending.


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