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Masaan Plot

A girl in her 20's, Devi Pathak (Richa Chadda) lives with her father Vidyadhar Pathak (Sanjay Mishra) in a village. Devi does friendship with a guy called Piyush Agarwal (Saurabh Chaudhary). This relation takes her to a shady lodge, where she is caught up in the act, as there happens a police raid at that place. A corrupt cop (Bhagwan Tiwari) begins to blackmail Devi and her father. Devi and her father Vidyadhar, who is strict about his principles in life, become helpless victims in this case.

The other story is of a guy called Deepak (Vicky Kaushal), who belongs to low caste and falls in love with a higher caste girl called Shaalu (Shweta Tripathi). Durga Puja visits and Facebook chats make this love story happen. Deepak is the in charge of burning funeral pyres and works on Ghats of Ganges. Although Deepak and Shaalu love each other, both of them fear the caste system, which creates a big barrier in their marriage.


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