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Mastram Plot

Raja Ram Vaishnav (Rahul Bagga) who lives with his wife Renu (Tara Alisha Berry) in a small town in Himachal, works full time for a bank, but is not really interested in his job. He is more into writing, which is his passion and true desire. However, the day when he is reprimanded and insulted by his boss in the bank for writing a part of his story, he resigns and goes ahead with the idea of writing novels.

He approaches several pulishers before he finally finds Prabhat Publishers, who initially don't find much fun his writing, until he writes an erotic story and makes an impression. Soon he starts writing erotica for the publishing company and is propelled into a completely new world.

It doesn't take lot for his books to sell like crazy throughout the region and also face competition from other writers who are writing similar stories. However, it is not the competition that is going to get him in trouble, but his imagination running wild.


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