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Mausam Plot

There are 4 Seasons in a year so four colours are also mentioned. In this film there are four different age groups of our main characters. There are also 4 real historical events. All such elements comprise the Hindi feature film - Mausam
Mausam is a romantic story in its 1st season starts with only adolescent attraction between Harry and Aayat. Harry is a Punjabi boy who lives in a small village whereas Aayat is a Kashmiri girl. It builds up into young love between Harry and Aayat in 2nd season. Their love takes shape in its own depth in the hours of departure through the season 3. In the 4th and ultimate season their love concludes into togetherness. But not earlier then sacrificing a lot personally, and learning the real thing, behind the global love. It is a fanatical love story which sees, as its backdrop many aspects of life, which questions us and up till now not becoming tolerant.


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