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Maximum Plot

In the year 2003 Mumbai was a different city. The fight against the underworld had been announced. And the authority to shoot the criminals down was given to a few chosen one. One of the chosen police official was Pratap Pandit and another one was Arun Inaamdar. They both were encounter specialists. Each one with a strong informer base. Their strategy was sharp. And a long tally of dead gangsters.

The struggle and fight was always for authority. On one hand Pandit was ambitious whereas on the other hand Inaamdar was conniving and silent. Both seemed to be equally merciless. Their motive was to gain Maximum power.

But were they alone in this game. No! There were several other players also who were moving at every level. The police story of this film takes you through a complex interplay of politics. There are land deals and fake shoot-outs. And there is fight for money or so called dirty money.

A story which moves ahead through 5 long years and which eventually ends on a railway platform in the darkness of the night. And between the quivers of running trains which is surrounded by the echo of bullets.

This is their story.


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