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Milenge Milenge Review

Milenge Milenge Review

By Friday Release Team - Nov 30, -0001 05:53 AM

Rating: 2.5/5

Milenge Milenge is a Hindi Movie produced (under the banner of S.K. Films Enterprises) by one of the biggest filmmakers of Bollywood Bony Kapoor and is directed by one of the greatest comedians of Bollywood Satish Kaushik. But the film is not as big as its producer and director. Its casts are Sahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Satish Shah, Delnaz Paul, Aarti Chabria, Kiron Kher, Himani Shivpuri, Satish Kaushik, Sarfaraz Khan, Panini Rajkumar etc.

Priya (Kareena Kapoor) is an orphan and is a die hard romantic lady who blindly believes in luck and destiny. Regarding marriage, she wants to marry only that man who didn't smoke, who didn't drink and who never tells lies. She happens to meet Kirron Kher, who is a tarot card reader, to know about her love and marriage. Kirrron Kher makes prophesy that she would find the man of her choice within seven days in some other country who would be wearing clothes of 7 colours.

It is unbelievable for all but destiny takes turn and she has to go for Bangkok to attend a Youth Festival. There she meets Amit (Shahid Kapoor) on the date prophesized by the tarot card reader who wears the same clothes mentioned by Kirron Kher. Priya comes to know that he fulfilled all three conditions she wanted to see in her life partner i.e. he neither smoked; he neither used to drink nor told lies.

Both start loving each other and things move ahead.

But one day Priya comes to know that Amit was one of the biggest liars in the world; that he had cheated her. Actually he had all the bad habits which she hated but one day, due to some reasons, Amit had entered her room secretly and stolen her diary. After reading the diary Amit had come to know requirement about the life partner of Priya. Amit had fallen in love with her and he didn't want to lose her due to his bad habits so he pretended that he didn't smoke and he did not drink.

Priya is very angry and wants him to get out of her life. She doesn't want to listen to her explanations. Though Amit tells her that they were made for each other and destiny had brought them together. Priya says that if it was so then they would surely marry each other even if they were separated. So she marks a note with some signs and places it in a book and keeps in a book store and tells him that if destiny wanted them to meet and marry and they would surely find that note again.

But they don't find the note for a long time. Meanwhile their marriage is fixed with someone else. And you will be surprised to know that they are going to wed on the same day.

Now the suspense remains whether destiny will bring them together or not? Or will they marry someone else? The answer is very simple! Destiny will surely bring them together at the last moment and they will marry each other.

This film tells us how destiny plays role in our lives. Destiny has a great place in our lives and whatever takes place in our lives is due to our destiny but the film has not been scripted in effective manner. People like to see films and read stories based on destiny and more than ninety percent people believe in destiny. So a very nice film could have been made on destiny but here the script is poor and is not interesting. Instead of enjoying you get irritated over many places.

Romance in the film is less and quarrel is more which is not liked by the Indian audience. What Priya wants is not good. A man can be a smoker or drinker but he too can be a very nice person. But what if a serial killer doesn't smoke or drink? Instead of looking for a good and kind hearted life partner, the heroine of this film is looking for non smoker. What kind of heroine she is!

Amit (Shahid Kapoor), though stole her love's diary, will be like by the audience but not the heroine which will affect the business of the film to great extent.

There is nothing wrong in making movies based on destiny but the heroine's character is bad. She is unromantic and the film lacks love and romance due to her character.

Cinematographer Sriram has done his job well. He has explored the Bankok's beautiful location in a nice manner.

Music by Himesh Reshmiya is plus point of this film. Songs are good especially which Himesh has sung himself. He is a very good musician and one of the best singers in the present era but instead of singing in his original voice (which he sang for NAAM TERA TERA & ASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE) he is listening to others which caused his downfall. He should stick to his own original voice.

Performance wise Sahid had done his job well. He is a good actor and his film can earn revenues provided script is good. Alone he can't do anything.

Kareena is okay but not her character in the film.

Other artists have done their part well.  When Satish Kaushik does comedy, he is excellent.

The director Satish Kaushik's direction is good and despite bad script, he hasd tried to handle the film in better way. But what can a director do if the script is not good. A director can change the locations, a director can change the artists or change the shots but what can he do if the script is bad.

The producer has spent a lot of money on this film and they can be appreciated that even after so many ups and downs, they completed the film (which was left in between due to various reasons).

The film took so many years in making; that's not the problem of bad result; script is not good which could be the main reason of less revenue on the box office.

Don't think that people are going to see the film because of Sahid Kareena jodi. Karena has made jodi with other people like Saif Ali Khan so people are no longer interested in Kareena Sahid jodi. Of course, if the film's story would be good, audience would go to watch it.

It's neither a bad film nor a very exciting and entertaining film. It's an average film and if you don't have anything to do you can go for it.


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