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Mitti Plot

Panchmi Champaran in Bihar comes to the city of Kolkata for his Grandfather's advance medical treatment. The teenager joins his village friends who are already in the city of Kolkata earning their livelihood. The teenager falls in love with a girl living in a near by hostel who is westernized by her appearance but totally Indian by her heart and culture. The concerned Physician who is treating the teenager's grandfather discloses that he is suffering from cancer. The teenager is shocked by hearing this sad news and sends the news back home to his mother and sister who arrives in the city. The teenager along with his mother and sister visit a temple to pray for his ailing grandfather. While visiting the temple the family bumps into a notorious Mafia Don who is also visiting the temple. The mafia don likes teenager's sister and tries to outrage her modesty. In anger the teenager retalitates and slaps the mafia don not knowing his backdrop. The mafia don controls his anger and avenges this insult later on by raping and killing the teenager's sister. The teenager's mother asks him to return to the village but he does not want to live a cowards life. He transforms into a serial killer.


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