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Mr. Bhatti on Chutti Plot

This film revolves around Mr Bhatti who is a delusional personality, who lives in imagination, who wins a tour to the Lake District out of the blue; he comes over, with a crowd of Indian travelers visiting the Lake District. Bhatti is under the notion that he has been called over by George W.Bush, for hypothetical 'peace talks' being the delusional gentleman he is. But it's not just the panorama and the probable meeting with Bush, which catches the attention of Bhatti's attention. Alice is an English young woman also grasps his eye.

Alice knows Indian culture very well because she had lived in India for 6 months learning meditation, bhajans and yoga.

Apart from Bhatti, who is attracted towards Alice, another guy Prem too is fascinated towards her. Prem is a young bachelor and is traveling in their group only.

Bhatti believes that Prem isn't a good chap, so he decides to guard Alice in each manner he can. This shows the way to a pensive conflict between Bhatti and Prem. However, Alice listens to and notices Mr. Bhatti more than the young man Prem. Prem doesn't like it and decides to win the heart of Alice by any means. For this, he takes help of another girl whose name is Priya. Priya is not a stranger to Mr. Bhatti. She is the daughter the couple Shah who too are with them on the tour.

A time comes when Prem feels that it was not possible for him to beat Mr. Bhatti and win the battle to win Alice.

Hereafter the story takes a turn. All of a sudden Alice disappears mysteriously. Everyone is shocked. No one knows what happened to her and where had she vanished. When there is no news of her, they seek help of police.

Thus investigation goes on.

One of the investigating officers is from India i.e. his origin is from India. While police is hunting Alice, they get some clues which lead them to a far-flung part of Lake Windermere. There they get shocked to find clothes of Alice and her jewellery. To their horror, they also find some blood-stains.

Police suspects mainly Bhatti and Prem for Alice's disappearance and what ever had happened to her. They deny the allegations but police don't believe them and arrest them. Thereafter they are questioned; interrogated and routine check ups are done.

To everyone's horror, it is revealed that Bhatti was a terrorist who was wanted by the law all over the world. Bhatti strictly denies it and tells that someone was framing him.

Was he really a terrorist or someone was framing him? Is the man Prem behind all these happenings or someone else is behind all these horrible happenings?

Actually Abu Siddique (a terrorist) was underground for a long period. So the police play this trick to catch Abu Siddique. This generates very funny comedy of errors, which finishes with superhuman Bhatti serving to foil an enormous disaster, with the help of the tourist group - and getting the actual Abu Siddique trapped as an end result.


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