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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Plot

This film is a love story with fake identities. Rahul is a rock-star who has got good voice and good personality where as Vishaal is a writer who is brilliant and writes brilliantly. On the other hand Malvika is a fashion design student and biker chick who could get heads turning with just her appearances. Another girl is Preity who is a photographer and who could speak a million things with her beautiful pictures.

But there is something which Vishal and Preity can not do and that is to spell it out to Malvika and Rahul that both of them heart them.

But 'Liking' someone on Facebook is a lot very easy task. So when you can not make it on your own, the best thing what comes to mind to do is to fake it because the technology has become so high that you can fool the person on the other side. But at the same time you should not forget that the person on the other side may also fool you by hiding his/her real identity.

Things take turn when Vishal becomes Rahul and Preity becomes Malvika by taking their identities online and they start fraaandshipping with each other. They chat, 'like', tag and LOL together and do an enormous work, making the other party to believe to be someone else. But, the question still remains there that for how long could you fake true love?

In brief, Malvika loves Rahul And Rahul loves Malvika. But Rahul is not Rahul. He is Vishal. And Vishal loves Malvika too. But she is not Malvika either. She is Preity. And Preity loves Rahul. But Preity abhors Vishal. And Vishal abhors Preity.



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