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Mummy Punjabi Plot

MUMMY PUNJABI, as title suggests, is a film about a mother who is a Punjabi and who is the 'New Age Mother India', with today's splendour, strength, comedy & emotions. This movie is a completely a family entertainer, wherein a Punjabi mother, who lives in the urban area, tries to balance tradition with her personal value system.

The film brings to life her reasonable vision of life, the joys and happiness, pleasures, as well as the social forces which she and her family experience. The movie plays upon the distinctiveness of her relationships with her family members such as her children and her husband, and her unique relationship with a neighbour who praises her 'completeness'.

The story of the movie (basic idea) is rooted in Chandigarh, and there are many foot tapping Punjabi folk songs and dances which they (the people of Punjab) would like to great extent. As the film moves ahead, the life of the Punjabi Mummy comes to a full circle as she reflects on her relationships, which connects with the hearts and emotions of all the mothers, sons, daughters and other family members. Even though this film carries a title Punjabi Mummy, this film is for whole India as the Punjabi Mummy represents a mother of all India.


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