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My Name is Khan Plot

It is a lovely story about Rizvan Khan, Played by Shah Rukh Khan. Rizvan is a Muslim man from India, he shifts to San Francisco and is living there with his brother and sister-in-law. Rizvan is suffering from a disease called Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers is a kind of disease, it does not mean that the person suffering from the disease is stupid. On the contrary he is very intelligent, but he dont understand people. He is unable to understand that why people say things they don't mean. For an example, they say visit my house any time, and when he goes to their house they simply say why have you come at this time? And so sometimes people think that he is rude. Such people don't mean to be rude, because being rude is not good. So to continue with the story, Rizvan falls in love with Mandira. They experience a lot of protest from their family but despite of all that they get married and starts a small business. Theie happy life changes after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, when attitudes towards Muslims changes all over the world. Mandira is shocked when this calamity stikes and they part away. Rizvan is very upset that the love of his life has left him and he is confused about what to do. He starts his emotional, touching and inspiring journey towards America, to win Mandira back.
Read his story, his way:
My name is Rizvan Khan. I might seem a little 'different' to you. I am suffering from Aspergers Syndrome. It is named after Dr Hans Asperger who first noticed the traits in children. I don't understand what people say and they don't mean it. But my mother always said me that there are only good people and bad people in the world and I am a good person... 'My Name is Khan' is the victorious story of an exceptional hero struggling and conquering the barriers to regain his love life back.


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