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Naachle London Plot

Vijay is a struggling rock musician who works as a guitar instructor while trying for his big break. He is also a doting father to his young daughter Krishna with whom he lives in a West London council flat.

Rani is a successful single mother juggling a business and an extended family which includes her daughter Jesse, son Amit, widowed father JT and wild child sister Pooja.

Pooja runs the local Bollywood dance class where Vijay and Rani take their children. A top producer announces that Indian Cinema's biggest star will be searching for a young performer as well as dancers and singers for his new Bollywood blockbuster, with the Competition set to take place at the London Mela.

Rani and Vijay fall in love at the dance class but the story takes a turn, when Rani's father JT learns of his daughter's blossoming relationship and forbids it. Rani is torn between her respect for her father and her burning love for Vijay.

As Vijay encourages Krishna to practice harder towards victory in the dance competition, The Patels, whose son Navin is also competing, plot their victory through any means possible.

As the dance competition approaches and emotions between Rani and Vijay intensify, tension develops between all the characters. On the day of the London Mela, with each performance producing surprises, we are treated to an explosion of excitement and drama as Naachle London reaches its climax


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