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No One Killed Jessica Plot

This is a tragic story of a girl who got killed in front of 300 people. In 1999 New Delhi Nation's capital one model an attractive girl name Jessica who is attending one of the celebrity party  shot dead in front of many people. What is her crime? She refuses drink in closing hours! Manish the son of prominent politician is the culprit who pulled the trigger .Manish who is inebriated by cocktail of alcohol feel himself insulted and pulled the trigger.

Witnesses of this murder more than 300 people from Delhi, being son of politician, all set to go to gallows. But Jessica's sister, Sabrina and TV reporter Meera would not allow Manish to go without punishment; they want to outwit Manish with his own game. But for them it is not so easy being son of politician; he will escape using power and money. Those so many people eye witnesses of Jessica's murder, what will be the judgment? Will it be no one killed Jessica?


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