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Officer Plot

Industrialist Danny asks officer Sunil Shetty to keep an eye on his wife Raveena Tandon. Raveena is said to be mentally unstable having suicidal tendancies. Sunil follows Raveena whenever she goes out of her house and prevents her from committing suicide. Sunil and Raveena start loving each other. Raveena wants to leave Danny and live with Sunil, but Sunil does not want to damage Danny's home for his love. Sunil refuses to marry Raveena. Raveena tries to committ suicide, but this time Sunil fails to save her and she dies. Sunil goes to Goa for a change and meets a look-alike of Raveena who works as a dancer in a bar. Sunil discovers that this is the same Raveena.


Box Office Collection

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