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Ooops a Desi Plot

The film starts in the busy street of New York flooded with crowds. The scenario soon changes panic when the passers look on an Indian guy holding a board high above him, readable as " Bomb Here!!" which instantly rings the alarm. No sooner the film visits a flash back which leads to this situation. The sign holder Xavier (Buali Shah) and his pal Dev (Adnan Khalid) are left out with the weirdest of jobs to live upon in this country, where they are merely illegal immigrants. They lead this odd situation all because of a tragic past that beholds them from returning back to their home nation, India. As they deal with all this mess, destiny is all prepared to dip them into yet another turmoil. Their roommate AJ (Gideon Samson) abruptly gets kidnapped and they are left out with one hope Sonia (Pragathi Yadhati) , the sole witness of the crime. As they are already prohibited residents, they can't rely on national security so Xavier, Dev and Sonia decide taking the matter into their own hands to aid AJ.


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