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Paheli Plot

The same nature. The same fascinating atmosphere. But this time Monto did not find anything interesting. Everything appeared different. Why? That was the `Paheli'. Only the previous year after giving matriculation examination, he had come for the first time to the village on his father's insistence to spend few days with his grandmother. His four schoolmates had also accompanied him. In two days they got bored and left the village. Monto would have also left but he could not hurt the feelings of his grandmother. So, he stayed behind. And Gouri who used to tease him became his great friend. Together they found joy in the green valley. So when ultimately he left the village, he promised his grandmother that he would return next year in the vacation. Accordingly, he returned to the village. But in one year he found that Gouri had changed beyond recognition. She would not talk to him. Wherever he sought her, she ran away from him. He could not know the reason for her strange behaviour. When he asked his grandmother, she replied that Gouri had grown up. Monto was puzzled. Gouri understood his predicament. But she could not break her silence and behave in carefree manner as she used to, only a year ago. When Monto decided to go back, even the grandmother could not stop him.


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