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Pankh Plot

Pankh is a cute story of a child star named Baby Kusum is a child star. In everybody's acknowledgemnt Baby kusum is a cute little girl but in reality, she is a boy that is masked as a girl. His name was christened Jerry but then name changed to Master Jai for the movies. His relationship with his mother Mary was a little unbalanced. He starts growing and when boy reaches to an adolescence age, he gets spoiled and becomes a drug-abuser as he has never been to school because of his film career and used to spend all his time at home. He is now young and as every young person he gets attracted to his dream woman, named Nandini, that causes another inner mayhem. Nandini is the fantasy woman for him who Maradona summons up in his head-a phantom who taunts him and fights with him, an alter ego who questions his every move. Then after a long period of time Jerry is again made to face the camera again as a young man that leads him to the ultimate tragedy of his life.


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