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Pari Plot

On one rainy day, Arnab's (Parambrata Chatterjee) dad accidentally kills a woman who turns out to be Ruksana's (Anushka Sharma) mother. Not knowing who Ruksana is, Arnab reaches out to her for the consolation of her mother's death. Ruksana turns out to be a demon in a human body who is a devil's child. Overcome by guilt that because of his family's fault Ruksana's mother died, Arnab let Ruksana stay with him. Though she is a devil, she falls for Arnab and gets into an intimate relationship with him. Things take a turn when Professor Quasem Aali (Rajat Kapoor) gets to know Ruksana's location. Quasem Aali's only motive is to kills Ruksana and all other devil's child like her. What happens when Professor Aali meets her forms the crux of the story.


Box Office Collection

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