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PayBack Plot

Kunal sitting on sea shore alone, thinking of his past. He is  simple,peace loving man .He is in love with Ishita ,an independent girl inher 20's , working as interior designer .Kunal & Ishita always meetnear sea shore and see their future dreams .One  night kunal  meets with an fatal accident .When he lies in the pool of blood ,no one
cares  to take him to the hospital . Suddenly Raghu takes him to the hospital. Kunal is in critical condition .Somehow doctor saves Kunal's life .

Doctor says Raghu timely admitted Kunal in hospital otherwise it was very difficult to save his life. For Kunal Raghu is an angel .He tries to find out Raghu but he disappears in thin air. Three months pass, Kunal recovers from injuries. Suddenly one day Kunal meets Raghu near his building. Kunal gets very happy to see him,
invites him to his house and offers him tea and tells him you saved my life, I will be highly obliged to help you any time. Next night Raghu appears at Kunal's door step with the bullet shot in the shoulder,
Kunal impulsively decides to help him. But as hours goes Kunal comes to know that savior of him is actually assassin.

Now he is in dilemma,for him crime is miles away, he is very God fearing man.Now he comes to know Rahgu will not leave him alive because, he knows all about Raghu, he will not leave Ishita because now Ishita also
knows all about Raghu .What Kunal will do? Will he call police? Then what about his debt? Raghu is his savior, and if is leaving Raghu, Ishita will leave him because he is leaving assassin free.He is in real dilemma!  But he should not forget that he has debt of society also, by leaving Raghu free, he would do more crime.
Decision is delicate. Rest of the story makes the film what Kunal will do? Does he do favor and get free from debt? Or he would call police and live with Ishita happily?


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