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Phaans Plot

Phaans is the story that revolves around the nuclear test that had happened at Pokharan during year 1998. It was the same year when India and Pakistan were on the edge of the warresulting that the bitterness between both the nations for each other bitterness reached at its peak. As that point of time especially for Pakistan, declaring a war wasn't all that simple, so they planned the simplest way to attack India and hired a few militants. Indian officials got to know about this information and then they presented the idea of recruiting Mr. Jawahar for this particular job. As he was the only man capable of doing this work. Jawahar had his base in Pakistan but at the time of partition he left all his relations in that country and settled in Delhi with his father and for living he started his business. But as he belonged to Pakistan he had all his contacts running and he also had good contacts and friendly relations with all the influential people in Pakistan. And for this same reason they used him and his services during the war with Pakistan in year 1965. But even after his heart-filled dedication in serving for the benefit of his country, Jawahar's son Jatin, who worked in Indian Army was declared traitor by the BSF in year 1978. But that resulted in commiting suicide by Jatin as he couldn't tolerate this Humiliation from his own country, and this further upshot in Jatin's wife losing her voice forever. This one death changes every in the family overnight, their life changed after this distress. Jawahar wanted to prove everyone that his son was a true patriot and not a traitor. He ran behind everyone but nobody heard him as he was a secret agent, and neither was he awarded any medal for his commitment towards his work for nation. But on the other hand he is been fired from his job and was forced to the leave the lanes of old Delhi where he lived and move his house to Tagore gardens. Secret agent Jawahar now was all alone and his granddaughter Sameera was the only one for him to live for. But inspite of such a bad behavior from his country that he served for, Jawahar shows a positive response from his side and agrees to work as a secret agent, but on the only condition that his son's name must be cleared with the black spot on his career and his commitment towards the country. In the place of Jawahar, Sameera, his granddaughter is put on the job of secret agent as he is too old now for such work. Sameera gets on his job and goes to Pakistan to get all possible information about the hired militants and their plans about what are they going to do and how are they going to enter the Indian border. So we need to find out that, Will Sameera manage to get that information? And will she be manage to clean the name of her father as traitor? After all she has to make her grandfather Jawahar proud in front of the whole nation.


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