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Phas Gaye Re Obama Plot

What kind a movie you would mostly expect from a movie set against the backdrop of a global recession or a meltdown? A serious one for sure! But Phas Gaye Re Obama brings a different hue to this situation and as such seems to be unique. It is a comedy movie based on the above plot which originated from USA.

The film revolves around Om Shastri who is an American citizen but of Indian origin. It follows his adventure in the circumstance of recession due to which he loses all his money and wealth in just nothing more than a night. Post his bankruptcy the bank asks him to either pay up the mortgaged amount which is a sum of $100,000 within the duration of a month or vacate the house.

When he finds himself with no other option at hand he flies back to India in order to sell a part of his ancestral property. But, there is a bigger problem that awaits him on landing. Within a matter of days he finds himself kidnapped by an underworld gang who is hit by the current recession. They kidnap him under the impression that he is still a millionaire. They have not the slightest inkling that the current scenario is different.

But then how would the gangster react on gaining the knowledge that Om, at present, has nothing. And how will Om be able to save himself and most of all, his house? What these little small town gangsters wish to tell the President Obama is what forms a major part of the remaining story.

The movie clearly shows how the global recession has made a deep impact in the lives of everyone right from a businessman based in America to the underworld dons who belong to the dusty plains of a small town in a country like India.


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