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Phhir Plot

Kabir Malhotra (Rajneesh Duggal), by profession, is a doctor whose upbringing is good and who applies his own brain before doing anything. He falls in love with Sia (Roshni Chopra) and ultimately gets married to her. What more a man can ask for rather than a growing career and an apparently happy marriage! But things take turn and his happy married life turns into an unhappy one when his beloved wife Sia vanishes somewhere without telling him even a word.

Disha (Adah Sharma) lends helping hand to Rajneesh with some guesses and clues where his wife could be and finally takes him closer to unravel the mystery of his missing wife. But as they try to solve the matter it becomes more and more complicated. They do not understand what to do.

What had Disha seen? They do not get any idea or inkling about it that what could be the reason behind his wife's disappearance. As the story moves ahead, they start getting answers one by one which very suspenseful and thrilling drama which is known as Phhir.

The future is nothing but the past again... Phhir which means AGAIN!


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