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Prince Plot

This is a story of a super savvy thief who commits the biggest robbery of his life. When he gets up next morning he finds himself shot on the arm and he doesn't even remember how it happened. In his quest to know everything he comes to know that his name is Prince, he used to work for a person called Sarang and his girlfriends name is Maya. Prince is being hunted by everyone in the world right from the secret services and the CBI to the biggest white collared criminals in the world. He is the most sought after person not just because he knows where the heist is but also the secret behind his memory loss and the fate of the human race is in his hands. Prince tries to solve the puzzle with his sharp skills and but the situation just pulls him inside. Nobody could be trusted when everyday he meets different girls claiming to be Maya. Cops and the criminals are all behind his neck with his life on stake. He doesn't know who is right and who is wrong and has to save the human race from destruction. He has five days to save everyone and himself and there is no way he can back out.


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