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Pyaar Ka Punchnama Plot

Pyaar Ka Punchnama shows the sights the magnificence of love, the ecstasy of love, the charm in love, till you in reality get into it! "It is them we wanted, till we wanted them no more" - Rajat, Chaudhary and Liquid, three greatest friends sheer these same sobs. You at all times be jealous of the man with a girl, until you discover your own and then you speculate if this is what is called - a lady, an uproar, temperamental, passionate being!

Rajat, Chaudhary and Liquid are fixed in their uninteresting jobs and long for women to include some excitement into their lives. The unlucky Rajat soon discovers one - Neha, who is the whole thing that Rajat forever wanted! It is all so superior and rose-coloured; until Rajat gives into a confusion of Neha's and gets in to stay with Neha. Until then Neha had been an element of his life, but at present Neha is his merely life! Chaudhary confronts Riya when he assists his associate Varun, by getting his lover Riya, a work. Oh how nicely they get along - Chaudhary and Riya, this is the reason that she was fixed with Varun, she conjectures. Her stupefaction takes a genuine turn and Riya turn out to be chaudhary's lover, for he comprehends her; straightforward. Liquid is enormously pleased on finding Charu at job, the 1st and only girl he had till now spoken to in his complete life.

Charu loves him but no more than as her greatest friend.

The unfortunate girl is by now dedicated to her long-distance beau, Abhijeet, or Liquid might possibly have a possibility. But he believes he almost certainly had a possibility even at this moment and takes his best friend character very gravely only to finish up as her secretary, her household aid, her waiter etc, the whole thing but a boyfriend! Have you eternally wondered what the right reply to the question "Do you like me in this dress?" is? Have you finished up in sound asleep on the sofa because the lady with you was chatting about a number of far-away relatives of hers and you were not paying attention? Have you been blamed of speaking too much or a lot, then not hearing at all, then giving suggestions when not required, and being far-away when suggestion is needed - all in the similar gasp? Did you ever experience love and break up in duration of 10 minutes? Did you ever end up abstaining from cricket matches for the reason that the disagreement never finished and then finished up transporting shopping bags when you could be sitting on your sofa and watching the cricket game? - All these occurrences make you a male, my friend and that departs the remaining part of the world - the lady!

Towards the end of it all you could only speak that 'something changed you till you stopped recognizing yourself!' voice Rajat, Chaudhary and Liquid. Is that a menace word of warning? They conjecture - What does your common sense tell you at this time - run, run, run to save your life, dear fellow! As a male you could say today that our success is any day greater than that of our fathers; they were successful because of the women in their lives, we are successful in spite of the ones we have!


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