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Qayamat Hi Qayamat Plot

From Ahmadabad Girls College a group of girls reach Udaipur (Rajasthan) on a trip and there they come across a tourist guide Raja. He guides them in visiting several historical places and he also tells them about the significance and history attached with those places.

After meeting Raja, Rani gets the feeling that she has known him since ages and gets a deja-vu feeling every time. Raja too is attracted towards her and while taking them to various historical places, he falls in love with her and prays to God that she should become his life-partner.

Day by day the situation goes on changing and both of them fall in love with each other. However, after visiting Khumbhalgarh one fine day, Rani realizes that she has been reborn, and in her previous birth her lover was none other than Raj. When the pundit of the temple sees Raja and Rani he gets bewildered and summons the people of the village to see them.

Every one gets astonished to see Radha and Krishna their reincarnated birth as Raja and Rani. Thereafter Rani starts narrating her previous life story to Raja, and tells him that in his previous birth he had the power to see through treasure hidden beneath the land.

When a tantrik, Thakur and a corrupt police officer had come to know about Raja's unique power, they had tried to take advantage of Krishna's power and had forced him to get hidden ancestral treasure from their fort by trapping Radha. Once the villains had got the treasure, they had killed Krishna as well as Radha and had buried them in the fort.

But the cycle of life had taken a turn and they had reincarnated as Raja and Rani, with a clear recollection of everything with a pronouncement to take revenge and destroy the criminal.


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