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Raavan Plot

Raavana is movie; a story very much inspired by the epic Ramayan.
Beera Munda is an undisputed, unlawful, untamed tribal. Dev Pratap Sharma is the protector of the law. He is the punisher. Ragini is a beautiful and gorgeous lady fond of music.

Dev and Ragini fall in love and they are married to each other.  Thereafter Dev is posted Lal Maati. This place is a small town in northern India. Dev takes up his new responsibility to be placed in Laal Maati but he doesn't know what he is going to face there.

In Laal Maati, Beera rules the town. Everyone is scared of him. In this town, not the police, but Beera is the law. Beera is a tribal and rules the town in different way.

Newly posted Dev understand that the solution to bringing order to any place is not to conquer the big fish; in this case, it was Beera.

In one hit Dev manages to tear open Beera's tribal world, and put in action a change of incident which would claim lives, changes destiny.

Due to Dev's action, Beera gets injured and is furious. He attacks them in different manner due to which Dev, Beera and Ragini meet together into the forest.

The forest is opaque, dark, perplexing and frightening. And in this trip they must tackle their own fact; a trip which would check their viewpoint, belief and sentiment; sentiments which are as terrifying and confusing as the jungle.

The jungle becomes the battlefield; the fight takes place between good (Dev as Ram) and evil (Beera as Raavana).

But when the lines separating good and evil are not clear, then what would you want? Whom would you wish to win the battle?

Love is the battle that no one wins but each person must battle so why not this Raavana!


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