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Radio Plot

The story revolves around Vivan played by Himesh Reshammiya, a successful RJ on a popular radio station in Mumbai but with an unsuccessful marriage. Vivan and Pooja, played by Sonal Sehgal think that they are not compatible with each other and they take divorce. They don't want to end this relationship but their fast pace life and busy schedule takes over their emotional states. Pooja goes and here enters Shanaya in Vivan's messed up life and makes him smile again. Shanaya is played by Shenaz Treasuryvala. Vivan doesn't realize his feeling about Shanaya and starts discussing her with Pooja. Being a woman Pooja understands his love for Shanaya. She starts making Vivan realize his love for Shanaya. After this behavior and responses start changing towards Shanaya. He starts knowing and getting close to her family. He realizes that his love of life is Shanaya and he want to spend his life with her although he still has soft corner for Pooja. But what exactly happens in Vivan's life? Will he marry Shanaya? Or will he go back to Pooja?


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