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Raja Hindustani Plot

storyt starts of with a pampered daughter (who actually looks like a vacant eyed puppy)Arti(Karishma Kapoor)telling her doting father (Suresh Oberoi) that she would rather go to PalanKhet(in the Himalayas) than Switzerland(How original?). And of course you have a step-mama (Archana Puran Singh ) and her bald-domed brother(Pramod Moutho) who bid their time to lay their hands on the tycoon's loot, accompanied by yet another pair of retainers (Veeru Kishna an Navneet Nishan) who are ardent believers in cross-dressing. Arti goes to Palan Khet and is immediately wafted to dreamland courtesy the cute taxi driver (Aamir Khan) who moons over his Pardesi Memsaab all through the long ride, warbling his instant feelings in melodious song, peeppered by pithy comments from his pint-sized boy-cleaner. After some romancing the couple finally let her father know and get his blessing for their wedding after minor tussles. Only a fine line separates Raja's uncompromising self-respect from arrogance, when rejecting his rich father-in-law's gift. He suddenly becomes insensitive towards Arti's feelings (?) and hence results the marital tensions. Finally all goes well in the end but not before you o through the usual climax of a fight sequence and playing "catch-catch' with Arti and Raja's baby. It is after all a regular Hindi-movie where the audience knows what to expect from the next scene, nothing new. Music is good. Photography is good. All in all watch able for time-passers.


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